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Where is the Dance?

Dec. 31st, 2004 07:24 pm :::... My New Years Resolution! ...:::


Current Mood: geekygeeky
Current Music: Viscious Game - CARRETTA, David

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Dec. 29th, 2004 08:12 pm :::... SUICIDE GIRL #1 ...:::

So at my lovely job in which I slave drive for peanuts ... I befriended this hot chick! Of course she's post-goth and has two twin brothers who are NEMO all the way and yeah HOT! But, she and I eat lunch and UHM yea work really hard . But, today at lunch she confessed to me that yes she is SUICIDE GIRL #1 - HA - and of course she was from P-TOWN and had been possibly to the SHOP! Well, anyways I thought it cool that she was ROYALTY of a sorts and so down to earth and HELLa fun to tease!

Oh yeah I dedicate the song of today to ROSE - suicide girl NUMERO UNO!


Current Mood: giddygiddy
Current Music: IDC - Powerslut Kiss

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Dec. 24th, 2004 03:25 pm

ERIN these are cool! I'm liking where your going here!

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Dec. 24th, 2004 02:38 pm :::... CHRISTmas is the day to wonder ...:::

CHRISTmas is the day to wonder ...

WTF am I going to do on New Years!!!!! 2004 was a YEAR!

---> "uhm Excuse me ... would you like to Puuump!" <---
---> Miss Kitten <---

Current Mood: crazycrazy
Current Music: Requiem for A Hit - Miss Kittin

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Dec. 11th, 2004 10:40 am :::...A melancholic look at the end of a millenium full of broken promises and hollow dreams...:::

“White linen on your back, black secrets on your mind, and a past you try to hide.”

~Not me but a great retrospect!

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Dec. 11th, 2004 02:28 am :::... a smoked held kiss ...:::

... A smoked held kiss is all one needs to know that life is a sunrise with a crescent moon future.

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Dec. 8th, 2004 07:14 pm :::... MMM hot CHOCoLATE ...:::

So today I had to show off my secret HOT Chocolate receipe to all my co-workers! A few said "WOW this is the best you should open a cafe serving hot chocolate!"

HA!!!!!! I didn't say anything ...

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Dec. 7th, 2004 10:04 pm :::... soda anyone ...:::

So now like 4 days into this diet I am finding that i cannot drink a soda without gettign sick. This really sucks! I get all tingly allover everytime I drink one! BLAH BLAH.

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Dec. 6th, 2004 07:27 pm :::... first soup ...:::

So today looking at the turkey all picked off with no more meat I said hm... lets make soup! I called my mom and asked what would work. I put my cloves on bought a big soup pot and through the carcass in there ready to boil it to the bone! After further peeling off the meet I got the bones packed them up so I could send them via AIR EXPRESS to the turtle in AZ and I began the adding stuff part to the water.

Cabbage, potatoes, Italian rice, celery, carrots, salt and pepper, a pinch of opinon powder and garlic later I put the top of the pot on and walked away! An hour later and a stove full of wetness from over flow - I did a stir and O MMMYYY GOD!

The SOUP KITCHEN would be jealous!

Try it some time it was the best soup I ever had!

Current Mood: creativecreative
Current Music: hyaterical Sculpture - Water Lilly & St. Plomb

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Dec. 5th, 2004 12:45 pm :::.. day 2 Get me OFF ...:::

Get me OFF http://www.last.fm/music/Basement+Jaxx/_/Get+Me+Off this stupid diet I love my carbs!

I hope you don't have to login to listen to this!

Current Mood: contemplativecontemplative
Current Music: Basement Jaxx - Get me OFF

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