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Where is the Dance?

... go figure ...

My name is Michael (Mike) Pina --> former gymnast in high school thru college, I coached for nearly 20 years, the sport was my passion and my life’s true talent. Now into computers as it was a dual major and I have had the luxury of traveling to every continent in the world except Antarctica and the South Pole. I have for so many years loved life and have enjoyed passing on my crazy fun easygoing sense of life to everyone that has been an important part of my life and large extended family. All the people who are part of that list are still the people who sadden me when I can’t deliver – from friends, to extended family members to workers who have become true friends under crises and a part of that core of people that once I leave this earth people will remember the strong influence and craziness I fostered with their enthusiasm.

My blood family is loyal and true to me as a person and their devotion has been tested thru unselfish and caring indifference during difficult times. With the people I call my extended family I have as well tried to stand tall as my mom during strong indifference and important battles of patience. But, I can never turn my back because of hate, moral or ethical differences because to do so would show no compassion or understanding of individuality and breeds manipulation and selfishness.

At a crossroad my “cup has always been half full” and that outlook is what has made me ... me. A movie that made me reflective “My life as a dog,” a movie that made me realize people with passion don’t always finish ahead and brought great sorrow to my heart “Hedwich and the Angry Inch.” My favorite cartoon “Dexter’s laboratory.” My favorite singer in the 80's "killer Pussy" and now in the 00's "Peaches" why you ask -- well they both sing about the same things although 20 years apart - check them out - although sexually provocative (which I am not) I respect their passion to look a norm in the face and say FUK OFF!

I have always had a lot to say and a bit to listen to and have always had an opinion on things I had passion. Coming out in 1982 I struggled through my first 22 years in frustration of acceptance of my gaiety (well since around high school age). Since then I always wanted to share that struggle with people so they could have an easier time in acceptance of themselves. Believing, in making change thru gentle understanding and patience in people’s indifference I have had a bit of success in all people gay or not seeing a person not sexuality. I believe being gay is only one small part of a person life out of a list of many; with that being said I also believe we sometimes are overshadowed by a choice and society (although better) is far from acceptance.

I was once told “if it smells like fish, looks like fish then it must be a fish” … I have always believed “it can smell like fish and it can look like fish but that alone doesn’t make it fish!” Science is an amazing viewpoint and as we pass thru life we can’t be so short sighted to forget things are not as they may appear and yes there are exceptions to the rule! We must never forget prejudice/ignorance/bigotry is based on some truths just not all facts!

There is more of me … that I am sure I’ll share as I feel the need to write and talk out loud … but I have to say LOVE is my biggest nemesis and it pains me everyday I choose to think … which for a thinker is … always!

Other items of importance:

Dancing to forget, computers to pass the time away, talking to friends, eating out, drinking chai, extreme sports, flipping and twisting in a pool to gain control on my life when I seem to have lost it!